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November 9, 2006

Yes, it's been more than a year since I've updated. No, I don't really care. And no, I'm not dead. I've got more than 80 emails saved up that I haven't bothered posting, and no idea if I'm ever going to bother. For the most part, it was all the same-old same-old praise, complaints, and random nonsense just like what I've already posted before. So pretty much, everything already having been said, my personal motivation kind of dried up. No fun for me = no point updating.

I've been labelled things ranging from a comedic genius to an America hatemonger, and several things in between. A few people have tried to buy my domain for not nearly enough money. "" sold for $7.5 million dollars, and "" did not sell at a widely publicized internet auction, possibly because of the hyperinflated estimate of about $3 million. Yes, single-word English domains DO have a market, and my merely 6-figure minimum price is WELL short of its actual market value.

I may eventually go through my old stored up email, and post the most interesting of the bunch (with my usual snarky commentary). Or I may not. Who knows?

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Wanks, Cranks, and Thanks

Miss me? It's been about two months since I last had time to update. Work's been busy, life's been busy, and waaaaaay too much has happened that has absolutely nothing to do with this little piece of the internet that you've either come to love or hate.

So on to the emails! (I'm only behind by two dozen? Eek!)

>> Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 16:25:04 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: Archie Cuthbert <email address removed>
>> Subject: Props
>> To:
>> Props to the website. I'm glad that people are starting love the site, but
>> still, I'm starting to miss the stupid people talk shit. It's hilarious to
>> see how some people beileve what they say is right even though everything
>> that comes out their mouth sounds stupid. I say hold out until someone buys
>> it for the price you want. Hell, when I starting rolling in the money like
>> that, I might buy it for a good 1/2 mill. It deserves it. My thing is even if
>> someone buys it, I hope they won't change it because it's great the way it
>> is. I'm not gonna lie though, I did do what most do, I just typed in
>> and this popped up, but right now, I'm gonna come to this website every
>> update you do. Oh, and plus how some of them talk shit about living down
>> here, how many times have you heard Canada in trouble..... you really don't.
>> You hear more bullshit about the US more than any other country in the world.
>> We're in the most debt, yet we have the nerve to say we're the best. lol So
>> sad. I'm moving out this mug when my money get right. I plan on hittin up
>> Japan or China because they're going to be bigger than the US and any other
>> country in technology. Your countries great because you all have free health
>> insurance, nice lands, and great places to visit. Anyway, keep up the great
>> things and embarass anyone who tries to make you look like a fool. Hell, as
>> broke as I am, 9500 really won't help much. Anyway, can't wait to see the
>> update. Peace
Never underestimate stupidity. Canada is just as full of stupid people as anywhere else.

>> From: "Matek Consulting Group" <email address removed>
>> To: "" <>
>> Subject: Regarding
>> Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 13:13:31 +0300
>> Hello,
>> I apologize for the unsolicited email.
>> I noticed that you are the contact for We are planning to make a
>> web site. 
>> We can do the domain sale producers with using your
>> company have any interest in selling the domain? 
>> If so, I would be interested in a purchase. Please let me know.
>> Best Regards,
>> Matek Consulting Group
Sounds like SOMEbody just looked at the whois information without even going to the web site...

>> From: <email address removed>
>> Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2005 19:07:42 EDT
>> Subject: awesome site
>> To:
>> I just stumbled on to your site like 10 minutes ago.I see why it's a valuable
>> domain.So many people will type in wouldn't sell it either.Not
>> even 6 figures...(not trying to be greedy just worth it to me.)And internet
>> is the ultimate democracy.hope you keep this site.
Considering that "6 figures" is WAY more than I can conceive of ever making from this domain all by myself, I'd STILL just take the money and run.

>> Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 01:49:52 -0700
>> From: Carlie Bonavia <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject: thumbs up
>> Heys,
>> Nice site - interesting how some of the most useless pages on the
>> internet are the sometimes the most engaging!
>> (i actually sat here and read every post thingy)
>> Adios,
>> Carlie
>> --
>> Carlie Bonavia
There's lots of useless pages out there to be found. (Note: the pages I linked aren't themselves useless, but they link to LOTS of those.)

>> Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 03:12:25 -0700
>> From: Andy Olinyk <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject: Hm.
>> i don't really have a subject and i'm not really into spamming.....what if
>> donald trump & bill gates came to you and combined their money and offered
>> the very highest they could offer you without going broke and said here give
>> us you're website would you do it oh and what do you prefere microwave
>> popcorn or regular popped popcorn ...i can't think of anything else to ask
>> you....have you ever met any of you're email senders.....what's you're
>> reading level at..with the amount of emails you read it must be you
>> think the openning line in this email (i don't have a subject and im not
>> really into spamming) is a very controversial & hyprocritical ? on a scale
>> from 1-10 how pointless is this email ? are you Female Or Male? how tough
>> would it be for you to find me without knowing anything about me (exp:where
>> i live & my address ect..) if u were challenged and did so already do i live
>> in the same place as you ?
Yes I would. Regular. No. University. No. At least 5. Male. Your email server doesn't log the originating IP address, and getting a court order to find that out from them wouldn't work without a crime involved or at LEAST some civil liability. Probably not.

>> Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 02:21:20 -0500
>> Subject: wat up
>> To:
>> From: Killa 69 <email address removed>
>> yo wat up man iz me killa to da 69 again lol, jus wanted to say man I 
>> havnt been able to use my pc for fuckin months cus bill gates is fuckin 
>> gay and needs to take that dick out of his fuckin ass so I been on my 
>> kick ass sidekick, but any way yeah man my pc restarts every fuckin 
>> minute and I don't kno wat to do anymore so I was wonderin, you kno it 
>> seems like you kno ALOT about computers so wat do you think the problem 
>> is. any way hit me up later peace, and ur site is still kick ass.
>> --killa69
There's an old joke your question reminded me of. I spend too much time on my computer, during work and during my time off, for me to be very motivated to help y'all.

I subscribe to the idea of having a special "friends and family rate" simply to keep my free time my free time. But I'm not quite as bad as those guys about it...

>> From: "Toxic Floof" <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject: Hello, Owner of an awesome site.
>> Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2005 15:39:29 +0000
>> I am one of those random people who typed in "" in the url bar. Out 
>> of complete boredom. And
>> I must say that it compltely made my day.I read the whole thing. =3 Really 
>> entertaining. And yes, You'll probally consider this spam. But Whatever. I 
>> consider it a compliment. And I'm definatly not going to offer anything for 
>> your site because I'm just a stupid highschool student. =/ So thank you. 
>> Alot for making my skipping more entertaining. =)
>> Yours truly-
>> -♥-
>> ToxicFloof.
>> -♡-
It was no trouble at all. Really.

>> From: "Janet William" <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject: Muahahaha!!!
>> Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 16:43:54 -0400
>> me be deleted//Awesome site man. Canadian power! Now if you'll 
>> just post the name of the person that callled Canadians losers....=k ONE 
>> WORD PEOPLE! Ok, well 5 words. Do NOT start insulting Canadians. We 
>> rock//and you and your <sarcasm> amazing president </sarcasm> can go and 
>> fuck yourself. Thank you and good night.
Everybody's entitled to their opinion I guess...

>> Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 22:43:19 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: ~Shawna~ <email address removed>
>> Subject: Stopping by to say hi :)
>> To:
>> So, I was sitting here really freakin bored, totally
>> stressed out. I like putting in names, and seeing if
>> they actually go to something. This one caught my
>> attention. No, I am not some crazy loon, or a freak
>> really. I am an average woman, with nothing else to do
>> with her time. See, I cant work. I am actually going
>> in for back surgery on tuesday. All because of this
>> stupid guy that hit our car, when we were at a dead
>> stop, at a redlight. Hit us going like 45 or so.
>> Messed up. So I am fighting with my attorney, who
>> doesnt feel he should do anything, and keeps telling
>> ME what I need to DO, when stuff in his office isnt
>> getting done right. Ok, so I  vented. I really think
>> its awesome having a website of your own, and doing
>> whatever you want with it. See, all these people out
>> here are asses. (the ones who bitch about this site)
>> If you dont like it , leave. I enjoy it. Well hope
>> your having a good time. I will try to rememebr to
>> check back often. Shawna!
>> ~Shawna~
Sometimes, life sucks. I'm glad I helped brighten your day...

>> Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 02:32:58 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: <email address removed>
>> Subject: Bad links
>> To:
>> Just so you know, doesn't work and you reference it several
>> times. I did enjoy the buddhabrots though. Nice site, you don't pay for the
>> domain or bandwidth, from what I remember you saying you get that as a perk
>> from work so your money "invested" in fees etc is kindof a BS excuse. Time
>> and effort I can understand but it doesn't appear that you've really done
>> either other than cutting and pasting the contents of emails into html. A
>> monkey could do that I'm sure. Basically, you're sitting on a piece of
>> property and maybe someday someone will be boneheaded enough to give you a
>> truckload of cash for it (mainly in pennies dimes and nickles). If so, then
>> good for you. Movies etc are coming out with really strange web addresses
>> because of domain name registration problems and some just do something like
>> so theres always a solution to any problem.
>> I don't think you're holding out for the big dough and your site is at least
>> interesting, neat
>> links- other than the broken one I found and your rants are pretty
>> entertaining as well. Good luck with it and you Canadians aren't as goofy as
>> people make you out to be. 
For those that didn't manage to catch that joke the first time around, the "Nice Tits" website belonged to a bird watching group. They liked small birds I guess.

The people involved are "The Royal Tit-Watching (Ornithological) Society of Britain", but it seems their webhosting company turned off their domain. So I guess their site is now Tits Up? But they've paid their registrar through until the middle of August, 2006 so it won't be taken over by the porn industry and/or banner ads until at LEAST then.

>> Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 16:21:39 -0400
>> To:
>> From: Mike Ernst <email address removed>
>> Subject: OMG...why the f*ck do the morons come to your site???
>> And I quote:
>> << Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 16:51:42 -0700 (PDT)
>> << From: Kevin Fields 
>> << Subject: here's an idea...
>> << To:
>> << 
>> << get a life, is that all you do is whah-whah-whah over offers
>> to buy your
>> << website? why don't you talk about some important stuff, like:
>> the reason gas
>> << prices are so high is because stupid assholes elected george
>> w. bush as
>> << president. i fuckin' told! I FUCKIN' told them not to vote
>> for that greedy
>> << selfish son-of-a-hooker.oh and by the way i wouldn't give you
>> a penny for
>> << your website, but your mom can suck my snake. Faggot.
>> I so wish you had posted this f*ckers e-mail address cause I
>> wanna send this moron a few beastiality porn pictures. He
>> deserves a sexually abused inbox for his idiot comments. I cant
>> f*cking believe that he thinks gas prices are due SOLELY to
>> Bush. I bet he is one of those "snake" suckers that believes
>> that Hurricanes Rita and Katrina were Pres. Bush's fault. (did
>> you hear about that? some morons have been blaming a NATURAL
>> disaster on bush cause he didnt sign some treaty. shit,
>> stupidity) Anywho, yea. Peace dude.
>> ~' MIKE '~
To his credit, his email arrived on the 25th, and Hurricane Katrina didn't make landfall in Louisiana until the 29th. Is it Bush's (or any other president's) fault that the gas companies decided to gouge the pockets of all those Americans and make record profits during that difficult time? Whose fault is it that they're ALLOWED to gouge?

The idea of a "free market" is that vendors of a product set their own price, with a goal of maximizing their profits. Consumers pick and choose which products to buy, based on their needs, the products' features, quality, location, and, among other things, price.

I never took marketing or economics in school, but some things are common sense. You can buy a quality item for more money, or a slipshod item for less money, and one or the other is a better value to you. The quality item may last longer, but that's a moot point if you're hardly ever going to use it. The slipshod item may only last half as long, but if you paid LESS than half of what the quality item was worth, you still got yourself a pretty good deal.

But consumables are a different matter. You NEED to spend "this much" on food, water, condoms, gasoline, rent, floor wax, hair spray, whatever, or else your life suffers. Either spend what they're asking, or you must do without.

The cold war between Communism and Consumerism was won, but not because of idealism. "Share and share alike" is what WE are all taught in kindergarten too, is it not? And the U.S.S.R. may be now defunct, but China is still a raging Communist dragon, and America is playing NICE with THEM.

PS. The hurricanes weren't Bush's fault, but ultimately, SOMEbody is to blame for the PREVENTABLE human disaster that followed. George Dubya Bush appointed Mr. Brown, which would seem to me to be a poor judgement call on his part, to say the least.

>> From: "Vic Tools" <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject: ...just another kid...
>> Date: Tue, 25 Oct 2005 03:30:08 +0200
>> hello there
>> spams...viruses...worms... it sounds so familiar to me. i can see them 
>> creeping around as i dig my way through the net. i've been exploring for a 
>> while now, and i still know so little... there are lots of forgotten site, 
>> lost pages, dead links, rotting everywhere on the web; the humus, one would 
>> say. lots of fake pages, too. it's a jungle out there, just try going out 
>> without firewall and you'll see... random pingers already blew out my 
>> computer several times...
>> and there are curiosities too, like the "last pages", like this website. 
>> some are really odd...(try ) some are simply funny ( 
>> ). there are lots of experiments to do: try googling the 
>> numbers from 1 to 9 and check the number of results. try with 0, or with 123 
>> and 321... maths lovers may find this interesting. i spend  lots of time on 
>> google and wikipedia, it gives you a little apperçu of the wWw. i think few 
>> people know how W this is...
>> i've read every single mail you posted here. matter what they say 
>> you keep playing your little game. i know how it feels...i think. i use to 
>> play that game too. it's not really about money, right? anyhow, just keep 
>> going with it. it's great.
>> (please excuse my english, i'm just a stupid french teenager. oh, and, you 
>> can leave my address, it doesn't bother me)
For y'all that weren't paying quite enough attention, and the emailer WAS being subtle, the "wWw" stands for "world Wide web", and he was commenting on just how W ("wide") this here internet thingamabob really is.

On the other hand, the internet may be Wide, but all too often it seems like it has no Depth.

>> From: "Mike Wagner" <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject: Offer
>> Date: Sun, 06 Nov 2005 03:05:25 -0600
>> I will give you $1,000,000 for one night with your wife and $1,000 for your 
>> domain.
IF you were serious, it would almost be worth it to find a woman willing to marry me for my money. Or in this case, for $500,500. :-p

>> Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2005 13:13:09 +1100
>> From: Jay asd <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject:
>> Was bored one Monday afternoon, studying for my final year Information
>> processing and management exam and typed in, wanting to
>> kill the person who created this subject of nonesense
>> Instead i find your site
>> My opinion:
>> This site is a classic
>> Nethack is a classic - and unfinishable
>> The mails you recieve are classic
>> Keep up the fine work
>> If i had the money, i'd stuff two million in your pocket for being so awesome
If you had $2 million (oh, say you won the lottery), you MIGHT remember having said so, but you'd never dare.

>> Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 01:27:42 -0600
>> Subject: sup
>> To:
>> From: Killa 69 <email address removed>
>> hey wats up man havnt heard from u in a while but hit me up later man 
>> peace.
>> --killa69
I've been busy... Mind you, that never stopped me from not answering you
last time either...

>> From: "Matthew Dawson" <email address removed>
>> To: <>
>> Subject: I love this
>> Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005 17:25:36 -0000
>> I love your site, and I would love to buy it for $300000, but I don't 
>> have tht much.Please put this on your page. I am one of the 11,000, and 
>> I found this site when I was board in school at lunchtime. Have fun with 
>> the site!!!!!,
>> From,
>> Matman.
And more fun will be had yet!

>> From: "Michael Kulikoff" <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject: hey!!!!!
>> Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 06:29:38 +0000
>> hey Possum!!!!!
>>      what's up?! I haven't wrote you in like forever! I keep checking out 
>> your site though! oh, ya! That other website I was working on... lol... I 
>> don't think I've goten that far on it! wow... anyways! Check out 
>> if you ever get a chance! ahh! I've finally created a website 
>> thats gaining visitors in an incline each day! The site is still under 
>> construction... half-way! ...anyways! I've decided not to add advertisements 
>> to it though ever! I think your site has created a trend! ahh! The site is 
>> going to be completed where it wont need, "Under Construction" signs all 
>> over it like in a few days! Most likely by Friday! oh, ya! Don't sell 
>> yourself short on! You can easily get a million dollars for it if 
>> you hold out long enought! Oh, and if you hold out long enough, maybe even a 
>> billion! ya... but that might be a way while away!!! Well, I don't think you 
>> should go anywhere under $500,000 unless you were desperate for the money! 
>> is an awesomely cool name for a website and directly to the point! 
>> ahh! I still come here when that word pops into my mind... and that happens 
>> a lot sometimes! LOL. anyways! ttyl.
>> peace out~
>> -Michael
Could you imagine, an ad-free internet? No spam, no popups, just the information you ask for? Aww, I'm gonna cry...

>> From: "Jim Maw-Dowling" <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject: Um
>> Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 12:08:54 +1300
>> Well hi I thik your website is really cool and I was just wondering
>> how you managed to get that domain name orignally and if you did how much 
>> did you pay for it
>> lol
At the time I first registered for the domain, it was still FREE! Eventually they wised up and either realized how much it was costing them to provide that service for free, or they realized how much profit there was to be made, and it's no longer free to own a domain.

Basically I filled out a form, put in my name and a bit more relevent information, and it was MINE!!!

>> Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2005 05:10:59 -0800 (PST)
>> From: netty lee <email address removed>
>> Subject: ...hi...
>> To:
>> Ive only been to your site about three times.Just like many of your
>> viewers,I typed in "" just to see what would happen...I give you
>> many kudos for not selling your domain so someone can just use it too
>> advertise some more crap that everyone sees everyday and deletes.I have read
>> practically everything that you have posted.... Not every "kid" is a
>> jerk,there are a select few that actually dont have their head up their ass
>> and want to do somthing and accomplish much,get through school and get on
>> with their life,high school and middle school as you said are nothing but
>> "popularity contests" which it aggervates the hell outof me,just because i
>> dont dress and act fake like all the others dosent mean im a "nobody"....and
>> just because i dont waste my time on stupid things such as stealing
>> cars,looking "glam",or trying to be sombody im not ect. dosent mean shit
>> either, i dont see what the point in looking good at school really is...your
>> not there too impress anyone,your there to just get in and out of your
>> classes go home and do a couple hours of home work....i find the things that
>> teenagers "think" is cool are really dumb and immature.To finish this long
>> email, parents are either never around physically or mentally enough there
>> too ever actually "listen" too what we have to say. If they did dont you
>> think we would have a better bond and or relationship with them? lets just
>> say....Dad dosent care,mom is too busy and when she finally isnt at work,she
>> is too busy on her CB radio too even listen,you cant talk to your family
>> members because everything that is said travels verry quickly throught the
>> family and then they look down upon you if its not to their standords,then
>> what do you do? talk to a friend.....who is as much help as nothing. so in
>> can,and when does a parent listen?
>> anti.
Sometimes I got the feeling that high school wasn't as much about education, as it was a kind of "factory" to prepare us for life in the so-called "real world". Conform, belong, learn to do what's expected of you and not necessarily what interests you.

For the vast majority of people this works well enough. They're well prepared for the "daily grind", punch-in-punch-out nine-to-five factory or office jobs.

But for the rest of us, with a smidgen more intelligence, creativity, or curiosity, we're feeling either bored or left out. So depending on our temperaments, either we keep our heads down (to avoid notice), or we act out (to BE noticed).

All generalizations aside, my earlier advice wasn't directed at the people like me who don't seem to fit, it was for the parents. If your parents aren't themselves available, if they're emotionally distant or selfish or drunk or preoccupied with their OWN problems, remember that THEY are only human too. I can't teach them to be better people. People are fallible, they make mistakes, even sometimes when they don't even KNOW they're making mistakes.

So who can YOU turn to? Teachers, siblings, grandparents, neighbours, guidance counsellors, church, there are many people out there who CAN help. I don't know anything about your particular circumstances to make specific suggestions. Volunteer at a nursing home or soup kitchen? Take up painting? I dunno. Do what's right for YOU.

>> From: "jason clinch" <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject: Is it really there?
>> Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 17:29:01 +0800
>> Don't you find it odd that someone is even willing to pay for something that
>> is not really there? I mean, your domain is great and everything, but its
>> still very much lacking physicality. I dunno, I jus find it strange that you
>> would have such a personal and sentimental attachment to such a thing. Then
>> again, i suppose it could be argued that much of the worlds money may not
>> even exist in a physical sense so much as all in electronic accounts. Now i
>> feel stupid. But i thought that id jus go along with your idea of filing
>> your thoughts on a slightly more (but still not completely) physical plane
>> than my head.
>> Cheers. Keep it up.
>> Australian Person who thinks he thinks too much
I'm kind of sentimentally attached to my own name too, even though I didn't pick that one myself.

Not only didn't I take marketing nor economics in school, I didn't take philosophy either. Is it even possible to prove we're "real"? I may "feel" "real" to myself, but could I possibly be just a brain in a vat being stimulated by electrodes, a la The Matrix?

Standard gag: "Prove to me that YOU are real! <pause> Ow!"

>> Date: Sun, 27 Nov 2005 20:23:49 -0800 (PST)
>> From: joe Black <email address removed>
>> Subject: Hello
>> To:
>>  hey I guess you're pretty lucky to own I dont realu have any
>> interest in Partially because  the traffic would be false interest
>> and also because I've never even  physically seen any amount of money in 6
>> figures. I just want to  congradulate you for holding out so long, i've been
>> looking at your  site for a few years now. 
>>   I'm a freshman at the Art Institute of California - Orange County, I'm 
>> getting my Bacheolors in Media Arts and Animation. If you ever need  somone
>> to help you design the look of your website(I do manipulations,  flash etc.)
>>  I'd be proud to do it for free (I'll be honest with  you Its because I want
>> good stuff for my resumé and about 11,000 people  a day would see my work). 
>>   I to am a webmaster (An amature maybe but still a webmaster). My site's 
>> no where near being remotely done, I never had time because I didn't  have
>> internet access at home (untill now). My site is supposed to be 
>> but the idiots at are being  very
>> slow so if you find yourself unimaginbly bored you can still visit  it at
>> God, I can only imagine how  many emails
>> you get every day.... one day I hope to make myself as  internetly popular
>> as you.
>>   -Me
>> From: <email address removed>
>> Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 05:26:40 EST
>> Subject: Purchasing website
>> To:
>> I was just wondering, would you be interested in selling up your site and  
>> starting a business with me? I already have spent 5000 dollars in development  
>> costs for a new MMORPG and I am looking for a partner to help me.
>> Thanks,
>> Haze
Not really. Thanks, but no thanks. I did a BIT of programming back when DOS and Windows 3.1 still ruled the world, but not so much any more. And MMORPG games aren't really my cup of tea, I'd never be able to work up any enthusiasm for a big project like that.

>> Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 20:10:46 +0000 (GMT)
>> From: Vlad Popescu <email address removed>
>> Subject: I fucking hate giving titles to mails. Enough of a subject?
>> To:
>> I'm Romanian. So please excuse any spelling errors I might have.
>>   I've sent you a message some time ago, and it weas nice of you to post it
>> on your site. (WWW.KILL.COM HAHAHA A Friend of mine says he types "Kill" out
>> of reflex when having nothing to do.)
>>   I've just went over all of it, so I would like to ask you something, and
>> to point something out to you.
>>   First:
>>   What the heck are kudos? I really don't know. Sorry if I should.
>>   Second:
>>   Feel proud that you're a Canadian. One, because, for example, there are
>> countless Romanians wishing they were just like you (That's why
>> emmigration's so big. If you check out Quebec, you'll see A LOT of them. To
>> recognize them, if you REALLY want to, wear a sign somewhere visible : "CAUT
>> ROMANI." It means "I'm looking for Romanians." I am not lying.) and two, you
>> complain that there are more than 2 political parties to choose from. We
>> have about 15. There's the former Socialist Party, now the Social-Democrats
>> (They've been controling Romania until the last elections now, in 2004.)
>> there's the Democrats, the Liberal-Democrats, the Christian-Democrats and
>> another about 5 "Democrat" parties or so. And then there are other pieces of
>> shit I'm not about to mention and bore you further.
>>   The point is, just be proud to be Canadian and not an East-European or
>> (worse of all) American.
>>   This last paragraph has certainly been very very boring. If you haven't read it, I don't blame you.
>>   One of the reasons I'm writing is to recommend you listen to some Dream
>> Theater. They're good. I don't remember any other really good reasons. Maybe
>> boredom.
>>   Feel free to post this e-mail on your site if you want to, although what I
>> really want is a reply. 
>>   If you choose to ignore me, (It wouldn't be pleasant, but, eh, that's
>> life), good luck with everything you're doing.
>>   Vlad.
Kudos is a compliment or praise, and technically it may be a "singular" noun and pronounced "koo-doe", but in common usage it's used exclusively plurally and pronouced "koo-doze".

It's not the FIRST word where common usage has altered the original pronunciation or grammer (Dubya's and Homer's "Noo-Cue-Lar" as an example of how to pronouce "Nuclear", instead of the proper "Noo-Clee-Ar"). How they managed to read "Nuclear" that way, to me, is very Un-Cue-Lar.

(I wasn't complaining about having more than two parties, that little section was more tongue-in-cheek. As far as which bits are "complaints" and which are "sarcasm", I'll leave that to all of you to figure out yourselves. :-p)

One thing is to be said for America's two-party system though, they have a STABLE system. Once they vote somebody in, they don't need to have another election for four whole years! And no matter how many people think he's been lying about Iraq. Blowjobs under the Oval Office desk are a matter for public scrutiny, but thousands of wasted lives because of imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction can just be pushed under the carpet, so to speak.

Here in Canada, we're having a whole new election, not two years after the last one, ostensibly because a bit of money went missing, dating back to the PREVIOUS elected government, not even the one the opposition parties just deposed.

>> From: "Joao Ivo Lavadinho" <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject: another boring msg from one of your fans (or something like it) 
>> Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 23:12:08 +0000
>> Dear Possum,
>> I ain't gonna tell you the next thoughts running trough my mind due to the 
>> NUMEROUS times they were already said:
>> 1-the way i got here
>> 2-no, i was not drunk
>> 3-i don't smoke, i dont get high or stunned.
>> 4-i don't give a damn about gas prices, 'couse i just stay at home or walk
>> 5-no, it's still 23pm here, so i'm well awake (but still i ain't got nothing 
>> else to do..)
>> 6-no, i ain't gonna make an offer of enumerous zeros so u can pay off your 
>> bills for the year..
>> 7- and thats becouse im poor and right now my mind can not create a reason 
>> to buy your domain.
>> 8-and yes, im really trhilled by the final purposse of the site, very well 
>> done.
>> So what i really wanted to ask you is something i just forgot.
>> So um gonna waste your precious time (and mine, 'couse i could be stupiditly 
>> watching a porno-flick) sending you this mail.
>> But in exchange for your time i'll give you my congrats for your work on the 
>> domain 'couse its really well done.
>> Keep up the good work, and tomorrow i'll come and see if my mail is posted 
>> here, hurry up and read it...
>> Thank you!
I didn't have a "real" good reason to own this domain myself, except to get myself the email address "". And while I don't use the website for profit, I DO use the domain for email.

Since then, I ran my own gaming server, with my very own QuakeWorld mods, and I've put up my very own Tetris-like-game port (which never made me any money either).

OK y'all, I'm all caught up finally!

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>> From: "Tony Powell" <email address deleted>
>> To:
>> Subject: your site
>> Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 00:09:32 +0000
>> Possum,
>>     I am not here to argue the bourn of your website.  This email is an 
>> attemopt to purchase the website from you.  I am not all sure if you care to 
>> know the reasons behind my new found interest for a site that retains such 
>> an unequivocal of a name as  But for the sake of colloquy I 
>> will explain in the following.  I don't have an interest in it.  However, my 
>> boss does.  As for what my boss does in this world is even somewhat of an 
>> occult to me.  He preffers a certain amount of anonymity.
>>      Brass tax:  The first offer we have to make is a generous $795,000 US 
>> dollars in the form of but not limited to: wire transfer, bara-bonds, 
>> unmarked bills. If you would like to post this email on your website feel 
>> free too.  It is what gives the site that quality innovatory feel.
>> Thanks you,
>>                  Tony

>> From: "Tony Powell" <email address deleted>
>> To:
>> Subject: your site
>> Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2005 00:13:40 +0000
>> plese pardon the typo error, i meant to put $95,000.
>> -Tony
I got over the sticker shock quick enough. That extra "7" put it nearly to a million Canadian dollars, which is an absurd amount of money for a domain. If they hadn't sent that second message too, I would have just rolled my eyes and assumed they were pulling my leg.

My reply:

>> Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 16:36:07 -0400
>> From: Darcy Boese <email address removed>
>> To: <email address removed>
>> Subject: Re: your site
>> An anonymous source wants to spend THAT much money for my domain, but
>> only if the transaction is done anonymously and untraceably?  Under
>> those kind of conditions, I'll have to say, "thanks, but no thanks".
>> Maybe I watch too many movies and too much TV, but this just seems so...
>> so... well, SEEDY to me.  Maybe it's just by imagination, but who
>> BESIDES a criminal would need to hide like that?
>> And I have no way to deal with a wire transfer, bearer bonds, or
>> anywhere NEAR that much cash.  I'm just a guy, you know?
>> If YOUR concern is that nobody knows who you are or what you're planning
>> on doing with the domain, I'm an honest guy.  Sometimes I think
>> TOO honest.  Get me to sign an NDA, and nobody besides me will know a
>> thing, not even my mother.
>> And it's not like, if this turns out to be for nefarious purposes, *I*
>> wouldn't end up getting caught in the middle.  I'm REAL easy to track
>> down.  Heck, I'd still have to pay taxes, and SOMEbody'll be asking
>> questions about where it all came from.
>> I can't with good conscience do something like this without knowing it's
>> all on the up-and-up.  I won't even buy smokes or booze for underage
>> minors!
>> And besides, my minimum asking price is <mumble>.  :-p
>> --Darcy
I did give them more than a few days to reply before posting this, just in case... Ya never know, maybe they're legit after all, but just a bit shy. ;-) As for my minimum asking price, they didn't even TRY to haggle! If they can meet my concerns, maybe (just maybe) I would negotiate?

I've got visions of what sort of little seedy and nefarious designs the criminal underworld might have with a domain like this. For example, if you haven't been a good little "netizen", by not keeping up to date on ALL the patches available for your computer, whether that's Windows, MacOS, Linux, or even some arcane system I've never heard of, it doesn't take much to take control over your computer. If you aren't using the ABSOLUTELY LATEST version of your web browser, it is more than possible to take complete and total control over your computer simply by visiting a web page, and more importantly, WITHOUT YOUR KNOWLEDGE.

There are many ways of infecting your computer like this, including (but not limited to):

That's right, even if you let your computer sit there while connected to the internet and DOING NOTHING AT ALL, a Portscanning worm will come along to see if your computer can be infected. According to various news stories, a brand new Windows computer will be probed and infected in mere minutes. Once infected, they often become part of a Botnet.

Now, these Eeevil™ Hackers are smarter than most people would give them credit for. If they go and infect a massive number of computers all at once, their activities are sure to be noticed. So their preferred method is to go after machines relatively slowly, a few hundred at a time instead of thousands. By doing it this way, they're more likely to have a widespread army of Zombies LONG before the antivirus folk notice, and by then it's too late, because they've ALREADY got full control of all those computers.

So a domain like mine that gets roughly 11,000 unique visitors a month (roughly 350 a day) may be small potatoes, but perfect for their purposes. Even if only a SMALL percentage of machines are vulnerable to whatever software flaw they might try to exploit, by the end of a month that could be several hundred machines.

Working on the internet the way I do, I am very much aware of all the botnets, and I try my darndest to keep those down to a minimum in my own neck of the woods.

You may think that you personally have nothing to fear, that the Eeevil™ Hackers wouldn't have any interest in your lonely little computer, but THAT's where you're oh-so-wrong. Botnets can be used for many purposes:

Any of which is available to the NastyBad people for a price.

Keep your patches up to date. Use an Antivirus program at all times. And use a Firewall on your computer!

And I will do my best not to let MY domain get used for such Eeevil™ purposes. ;-)

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A week's worth of randomness:

>> From: "email address deleted" <email address deleted>
>> Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 01:25:45 GMT
>> To:
>> Subject: Awsome site
>> I'm one of those 11,000 daily users that stumbled onto your site.  All I
>> have to say is congradulations on not being a greedy bastard. I dont know
>> how it is in canada but I live in the us and cant think of anyone I know
>> that wouldnt sell a domain name for 9,000.
It's not daily, it's monthly. Mind you, I haven't bothered re-checking the numbers in the past month.

And I WOULD sell a domain for $9,000 in a heartbeat, no doubt about it. Just not one that's easily worth ten or twenty times that much, if not more. ;-)

>> Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 14:38:49 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: alex MW &email address deleted>
>> Subject: the end?
>> To:
>> Dear Sir,
>> I've spent much of my life searching for the end of
>> the internet. I would like to know if you, as a man
>> (?) of experience, have found it. If you have any
>> tips, please write back. I'm not crazy (I think) and
>> Im not stupid (...) but I would beg your time anyhow.
>> I'm starting to think that the internet never really
>> began...
>> Also, someone told me about a storm or flood or
>> something in the south. Would this have anything to do
>> with you? I heard that Cuba did just fine with the
>> same storm. My roommate hasn't been home in weeks.
>> love 
>> alex
Somehow this particular email REEKS of spam to me. I could be wrong, but it just feels like one of those random emails you get where they send out bunches of messages trying really hard to NOT look like spam, so they can see which accounts bounce. Basically, they're taking their $20 "millions of addresses" CD-ROMs, and verifying which ones are real BEFORE sending out spam. Or just as much fun, reselling it as a $50 "verified millions of addresses" CD-ROMs to other hopeful spammers.

Cynical, me?

But in any case, if this WAS from a real person, you can stop looking now: The end of the Internet is here.

But all things had to start somewhere...

>> Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2005 14:50:41 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: John Knotts &email address deleted>
>> Subject: Will you be my friend?
>> To:
>> I, like apparently tens of thousands of others, randomly typed in your
>> address while bored and was pleasantly surprised with what I found!  At
>> first I just thought you were a funny level headed guy who lives in Canada,
>> but as I keep reading I find that you wrote programs on Commodore 64 and
>> like video games and Anime!  Or at least referenced a couple popular Anime
>> movies signaling you like it ;).  I was wondering if the job you keep
>> mentioning is programming related, or if it's just some random computer
>> company job.  I also wondered if you play any MUDs, I figure that you know
>> what they are since you're old school :D.  If you're still into the text
>> based scene drop me a line and I'll recommend a couple, and I'd love to know
>> if you have any favorites!
I work as a network administrator at an ISP, and do a bit of programming when I need to.

Not so much MUDs as "old school" adventure games. I'm kind of thrilled to hear that Sam & Max just might be making a comeback...

The only big multi-user game I play when I find the time is Subspace, now known as Continuum, and specifically the "Trench Wars" variant. It's a nice and simple game on the face of it: fly your choice of spaceship around, shoot at others while simultaneously not dying yourself.

I do also have the urge to check what's new with a text-only classic game Nethack once every 18 months or so, but I've NEVER managed to finish that thing.

>> From: "Blue Lizard" &email address deleted>
>> To:
>> Subject: keep it coming!!!
>> Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 00:25:40 +0000
>> i like what you have done with your website.... there is nothing better than 
>> wasting a space that others wish to use and be able to see how frustrated 
>> they become about it.... i wish i could do that if i had some extra space... 
>> i like your unique style.. keep up the good work.... hahaha.... the fun part 
>> is that they are still asking for your website when you don't wish to part 
>> with it.... i always take a peek once in a while to check your website.... i 
>> am glad i found it ....
It's actually quieted down quite a bit since I started making fun of them publicly.

>> Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 19:57:22 +0100 (BST)
>> From: Vlad Popescu <email address deleted>
>> Subject: Dum DUm DUM
>> To:
>> Hope I got your address right. Also hope I spelled "address" right.
>> So let's get things... um... going, right?
>> I have been born into this world for the sole purpose of being bored by
>> nature. I've seen this site about a year ago and got a go at your columns,
>> but I was at an internet cafe at the time and my time ran out.
>> Now I remembered about roadkill so I typed it in and got a go at your
>> interesting story. I would be very interested in buying your domain for
>> 600 000 dollars. Just kidding.
>> You don't have to sell the domain, it's your right to do what the hell you
>> want with it, of course. Nice to see someone stubborn and motivated enough
>> to turn down thousands of dollars and such. Remember you've got a pal in
>> Romania for this.
>> You don't have to start posting ads for profit and stuff like that if you
>> don't want to either, but you COULD put some photos or something on the site
>> and some more links to other cool sites you know or whatever.
>> Just a suggestion.Hope my spelling's almost right.
>> Good luck anyway.
Thanks for the kudos.

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<< Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 16:51:42 -0700 (PDT)
<< From: Kevin Fields <email address deleted>
<< Subject: here's an idea...
<< To:
<< get a life, is that all you do is whah-whah-whah over offers to buy your
<< website? why don't you talk about some important stuff, like: the reason gas
<< prices are so high is because stupid assholes elected george w. bush as
<< president. i fuckin' told! I FUCKIN' told them not to vote for that greedy
<< selfish son-of-a-hooker.oh and by the way i wouldn't give you a penny for
<< your website, but your mom can suck my snake. Faggot.
Gas prices aren't so high because of the government. They're so high because people are willing to pay that much, and more.

But I don't have any reason to complain about them myself, because in all honesty I could care less. (On the other hand, trying to care less would be too much work for it to be worth the bother. :-p)

I don't drive.

I ride my bicycle everywhere. In the winter, between home and work I walk uphill both ways, whether rain, sleet, snow, or blowing wind. For extreme weather, I might even put on a hat.

The biggest impact on me personally would be higher prices for consumer goods and groceries. A higher cost for shipping means that somebody has to pay for it. But even so, local produce is cheaper, fresher, and (of course) yummier.

So me? complain about gas prices? What would be the point?

In short, get over it.

And just in the past few days, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, gas prices have again soared even more. More than $3 a gallon, more than $1.20 a litre, and y'all are STILL guzzling it all down. You're addicted to your cars, and it just ain't healthy.

PS. Now that they are getting so much attention suddenly, the owners of the domain were offered $500,000 for it. Too much? More than it's worth?

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Some random kudos (more or less):

>> Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 23:39:34 -0700
>> From: han jin <email address deleted>
>> To:
>> Subject: HAHhahahahAHA
>> hahahaa, all man I came across thS site by one and a million accident
>> by TYPING, I just came came home from a strip club drunk as
>> fuck, and decided to go on my boys website but
>> instead typed hahahaha, nice site!

>> From: <email address deleted>
>> Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 23:17:33 EDT
>> Subject: Hmmz
>> To:
>> Well, i made it to around rant no.15 before my eyes got killed with HTML  
>> (mind it is 4.13am...) And had it in my mind to email you for absolutely no  
>> reason at all.
>> Ho-Hum, anyways  i entered kill dot com on a cold  stormy 
>> night...dang, have you heard this story before? like 500 times? oh sorry,  my 
>> bad.
>> Anyways, im going to hug my insomnia ridden fears of agoraphobia. Good luck  
>> with that website thing...
>> Oh Unspeakable Nameless One (Jack)

>> Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 08:48:57 -0500
>> Subject: wasup
>> To:
>> From: Killa 69 <email address deleted>
>> jus wantin to tell u dat dis site is tight, peace man
>> --killa69

>> From: <email address deleted>
>> To:
>> Subject: who are you?
>> Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 08:23:55 +0000
>> hi mr.killer how do you do. i don't know who you are and you don't know who 
>> i am.right! this domain is not for sale.but i'm not stupid;if you can give 
>> me six figures(U.S. Dallars) i'd take the money and run...

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It's been a quiet week. Just the regular "delete hundreds of spams a day", "there's never quite enough sleep", and generic "work sucks" rants. Same old, same old.

The biggest highlight of the week is that we've found a pair of possums living in our back porch, coming out to wander near the kitchen door each evening just about like clockwork. I used to say, "It's a good thing people domesticated cats and dogs, cuz possums is ugly." Now that I've seen some of them not merely dead at the side of the road, actually live and snuffling about, they're much cuter.

>> Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2005 03:46:46 +0200
>> From: Cal Old <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Subject: Great Page, Wouldn't change a thing!!!
>> Bored as ever, with nothing to do, I thought I'd try,
>> not expecting much. When the site loaded, it seemed alittle discouraging
>> but I thought 'What the hell, go through it!' andto my avail it didn't turn
>> out to be that bad actually compared toother sites I've visited! It was
>> quite cool reading some of the dumbmessages you get and your responses.
>> Very cool, you rock man!!!!!I got this e-mail that I think you should
>> definitely read, and well here it is:
>>  Subject: "You Know You've Had Too Much Coffee When" 
>> [snip: joke readily available via Google]
>> Great Page Cheers
When it comes to those funny-forwards of jokes, games, videos, chain letters, I'm the Black Hole Of The Internet. Anything coming in to me will never, ever get passed along. Seen it, yawn.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact I've been on the internet so long, and I'm actually starting to believe that there's nothing new under the sun? Every original thought has already been thunk?

I must have some pretty durn-good Karma or something, because even with every chain letter I've broken, nothing bad ever comes of it.

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>> Date: Sun, 7 Aug 2005 20:50:13 -0600
>> From: Kevin Amirault <email address deleted>
>> To:
>> Subject: Cool Site
>> Just wanted to say hi. Also just out of curiosity how much do you pay
>> a year for you website? And with that how much in total have you
>> paid.?
>> Kevin
I paid in blood, sweat, and tears, man.

Since I work at an ISP, I get a few "perks". But nothing in life is free. (And yes, I have bled on the job before. :-p)

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>> From: <email address deleted>
>> To:
>> Subject: Jack Thompsons
>> Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2005 07:06:31 +0000
>> being a gamer, i think you know the right thing to do.
Pretty much anything I have to say on this topic has already been said before, and often much better.

Part of the core problem isn't in gaming, it's in the hell that is school, with it's general attitude that makes life into a giant popularity contest. High school, middle school, primary school, too many kids are jerks.

If you are (or were) a kid like me that didn't much care for what all the other boys were doing, and you had more fun reading, or playing puzzle games on the computer, or solving various Rubik's Cube toys, you are (or were) going to get picked on. Every day.

So I for one was the nerdy/geeky/wiseacre kid that was bullied at school. And I played (and play) games, violent and not. I watched (and watch) movies and TV, violent and not. The music I listen to ranges from Bif Naked to Enya and then some.

And yet I've never acted out violently. It's not in my nature.

It's my experience that how you are treated is a much better indicator of how you will behave or act out. If you're feeling oppressed, it makes you feel better to oppress somebody else, so that you're no longer on the "bottom of the heap", so to speak. That is the vicious cycle we have to keep a careful eye out for.

But I'm NOT any kind of expert. Parents, keep an eye out. Talk to your kids. And more importantly, listen to them.

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(OK, I know I said I don't edit the emails, but this next one had the same question copied repeatedly, so I snipped out the duplicate lines.)

>> Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2005 18:59:16 +0300
>> From: Alexander Sokolov <email address deleted>
>> To:
>> Subject: Domain name
>> Déjà-vu.
>>  Actually I wanted to know how many emails that say "350,000,000 for
>> your domain.[edit: snip]" do you get every day? And no, it isn't a dumb joke.
>>  Please tell. Or don't.
I've had ONE serious offer of USD$100,000 back in August of 2003, but they gave up when I wouldn't accept less than <mumble> dollars. As I indicated previously, after fees and taxes, I'd only pocket about 45% or so of the sale price.

While I didn't bother keeping ALL the old emails from people offering me tiny amounts that didn't cover my 10 years' worth of domain registrar fees and site hosting, this is how much I've been offered since 2004:

In the above list, "inquiry" just means that they asked how much I would sell my domain for, and then never replied back to me. All in all, there have been queries from about a dozen people in the past year, and that's NOT including the $350,000 offer I posted to my pseudo-blog here.

Sorry folks, no making fun of anybody in THIS entry. ;-)

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>> From: <email address deleted>
>> Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 17:26:37 EDT
>> Subject: I must say
>> To:
>> I find it really interesting how you tell people the point of this site is  
>> not for profit... yet they have the nerve (or lack of brain) to e-mail you  
>> saying "Put up ads you can make money". I love the site but I must agree, Canada  
>> is a creepy place. Maybe its cause I was only there once and had random 
>> homeless  people trying to steal stuff out of my car window. I must give credit to 
>> the  canadian homeless though. They are mighty smart about it. Pretending to 
>> clean  your car window then having another run up to the other side to take 
>> things. I  doubt American homeless people would do that. They just come up to you 
>> with a  gun and end up in jail for many years for it.
Canada, creepy? I'm sure bunches of it is like that, somewhere. It's not like that really around HERE though, not at all. Living in St. Catharines, it's kind of like there's nothing around here but suburbia. It's a small-city feeling, but with a major case of "Toronto Envy".

Toronto being, of course, the biggest city in all of Canada. With that big phallic CN Tower I'm not really surprised that the people here would be at all envious.

All the best movies show up in theatres in Toronto, but never around here, making me wait for the DVD.

We don't even get big concerts around here without a two-hour round trip drive to Toronto.

There IS always plenty of great stuff to do here in Niagara, I can't complain. But like I said before, it doesn't take too much to keep me happy.

AND, like I also said before, Canada sure can be weird. It's like, eh, a foreign country or something. No wonder you got creeped out a little.

On the other hand, I've been plenty creeped out on some of my few trips down to The States. But I don't judge your WHOLE COUNTRY based just on my personal perceptions of Buffalo, Detroit, or Niagara Falls. I cross the bridge from Niagara Falls, Canada to Niagara Falls, NY and everything changes so quickly from lush green space to urban brickwork, I just flat out feel uncomfortable.

But I don't judge ALL of the great U. S. of A. by any one thing. All stereotypes aside, it IS mostly a pretty nice place. But so is Canada. From Down East, to Out West, to Up North, and everywhere in between, there's always something worth seeing.

Still, keep an eye on your own valuables. I suspect that they may have seen your American license plate and thought, "Oooh! Stupid American! Easy pickin's!" At least you helped bust some of their stereotypes?

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A pair of fan mails:

>> Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2005 14:53:56 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: Dora Medrano <email address deleted>
>> Subject: cool domain
>> To:
>> Hey waz sup?I really liked your domain. I came across it really weirdly(wait
>> is that a word me and my lil sisterz were watching tv and one
>> of them said "why dont you go to" which is weird she just thought
>> of it! She never goes on websites like that usually just stupid little girl
>> games ( I dont blame her she's 6 yearz old) so I sayd I would. But I am sooo
>> lazy I just didn't want to then today i waz bored so i typed it in and there
>> it waz. And then i read the first thing and i kept reading and reading and
>> then i thought how funny it would be if my email was posted there LOL well I
>> just wanted to say its so great your not selling it becuz it rockz!! Pleez
>> reply ight bye! 

>> Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 08:14:37 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: jv jv <email address deleted>
>> Subject: Great site
>> To: possum@ROAD.KILL.COM
>>    Lol yeah i am one of those people who got bored and randomly dropped into
>> ur site. But unlike most of the sites i randomly dropped into urs was
>> actually interesting. I have been coming back for weeks to see how the story
>> goes. It is like a soap opra that u don't have to watch at a certain time
>> lol. I think it is great that you can run a site where u can write what u
>> want and watch all this money fly by ur face. Ur site is one of the only
>> ones that doesn't have 300 pop ups and advertisements slowing u down. And
>> about the movie thing if there was a movie called feardotcom being the lazy
>> rich people they are they will prolly one day make a movie called killdotcom
>> or kill. Anyway great site never sale it cause u will never find someone
>> like you who wants to run a site just to have fun and speak ur mind.
I don't really have any comment for either of these, sorry folks. :-p

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>> From: "David Alatorre" <email address deleted>
>> To: possum@ROAD.KILL.COM
>> Subject: how ya doin?
>> Date: Thu, 21 Jul 2005 02:25:53 +0000
>> hey, keep on doing what your doing!  i think that you could make some real 
>> profit if you put some advratisements on your site!  i totally support this 
>> site, and think it's hallarious...  but out of curociety, i wanted to know 
>> how up to date this site is?  cuz theres no dates on it at all.  but once 
>> again thanks for the laughs and keem em comin!  btw  don't sell it for 
>> less!!!  you deserve lots for clamin this thing early.
Note to all: I've left the To: From: Subject: and Date: headers on all the emails as I received them. While I've removed the actual email addresses themselves from everybody's messages (no matter what I think of anybody personally, nobody deserves to have yet-more spam in their inbox, and I'm not one to take such petty revenge), everything else is intact.

As for putting ads on my site, no thanks, this thing's ugly and tacky enough as it is...

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>> From: "ray po" <email address deleted>
>> To: possum@ROAD.KILL.COM
>> Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2005 17:04:25 +0000
>> whaatup
>> well i only got bored on the net and didnt have nothin to do so i was
>> messin around 
>> until i dropped here (LUCKY ME) and wasted 10 min of my life
>> BUT im here to tell u somthing dont u ever sell this site cause its only a
>> matter of time and a new movie or band will carry that name and they will
>> be beggin 4 kill dot com :)
>> your truly
>> RaY
Maybe I should add an extra message to the top of the page? Something like this perhaps:

Move Along! Nothing To See Here!

Ah, who am I kidding, y'all would've read the whole page anyway.

And oh, what kind of movie would be called "killdotcom" anyway? Surely Hollywood doesn't need to rehash the same old, same old, same old plots over and over again? I'd like to think they can come up with something that's actually almost original for once?

Oh well, just more wishful thinking on my part. :-/

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More fan mail:

>> From: "Abrose Y." <email address removed>
>> To: possum@ROAD.KILL.COM
>> Subject: well, finally
>> Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 14:19:39 +0000
>> hi there~
>>     I'm one of the 110000 people who randomly wondered into your site every 
>> month. As many, my first impression is, "what a lame layout".  BUT, (yes, 
>> there is always the big but) as i read on, i find this site absolutly 
>> irresistable.
>>     Finally, a good domain free of commercial purposes and clean messages.
>>     I appluase your humrous responses to some of the nasty emails and i 
>> think you should not sell this domain unless it's over 300000 US and please 
>> do keep up with showcasing the angry letters which just simply illustrated 
>> the ignorance of the money driven nature of the society and the eternal 
>> struggle of people who just can't enjoy a good laugh.
>>     Hope the site will become the best darn soapbox on the net~Cheers~
>> P.S. the is a very good recommendation. =P
Layout? What layout? :-p

Actually I've hardly been getting ANY email about my site lately. Fine with me, that.

Not counting the daily thousands upon thousands of messages my mail server just drops on the floor thanks to over-active spammers, of course. My domain receives roughly 50,000-80,000 ATTEMPTS to send email to non-existing accounts each week. So many silly people needing an email address to sign up for their free porn (or whatever), but unwilling to actually give up their own, just pick something random in mine assuming that it won't actually disturb anybody.

Sorry, guys. It DOES disturb somebody: me!

Oh well, it's just a bit more white noise in the Internet's traffic.

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A nibble...?

>> Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 08:08:00 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: Daniela Pistone <email address deleted>
>> To:
>> Hello, interesting site. Was wondering if $350,000 was
>> enough to buy your site. Depending where you live, you
>> can buy yourself a home (mortagae free!). 
>> If you are interesed please e-mail me or make me an
>> offer. 
>> : )
And my reply:

>> Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2005 17:12:17 -0400
>> From: Darcy Boese <email address removed>
>> To: <email address removed>
>> Subject: Re:
>> Why yes, yes it is.
>> For that kind of money there would have to be a signed contract, escrow,
>> and so on, involving a few lawyers.
>> I'd be curious what you might be planning to do with the domain, but
>> that's unofficially a "no questions asked" price.  ;-)
It's been three days since I replied, so I figure that either they were just yanking my chain (which wouldn't be the first time), or my email got stuffed into their spam filter.

So if anybody cares what USD$350000 translates to in Canadian dollars, first we lose at least 10% to lawyers and escrow and commissions, leaving approximately USD$315000. Then we lose 50% of what's left to taxes, leaving approximately USD$157000 (because obviously I'm just so honest I'd never try to hide anything like that down in the Cayman Islands or something). At least in Canadian dollars it sounds a bit bigger, at nearly CAD$190000.

Which doesn't actually buy a very big house around here.

Nothing to sniff my nose at, but it's still just a pipe dream and wishful thinking.

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>> Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 16:08:46 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: krystal alston <email address deleted>
>> Subject: hey all
>> To: possum@ROAD.KILL.COM
>> hye wounder if you wont give it up for money then what?? so i made a list
>> ( and soon cameing a checck list just for the hell of it ) 
>> 1. A HELL ALOT OF MONEY ( which is'nt money at all)
>> 2. good old loving ( if so call 1-800- ifucktowell and ask for baby dragon)
>> 3. a car ( nice and shiney)
>> 4. some nice jews ( alot to shiney)
>> 5. a big catwoman poster ( o sorry thats me)
>> 6.  TO GET THE HELL OF THIS DARM EARTH ( again sorry thats me too) 
>> tell me what you think......
>> more laTER  
What would I take for my domain you ask?

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>> From: "Michael Kulikoff" <email address deleted>
>> To: <>
>> Subject: hey:]
>> Date: Wed, 6 Jul 2005 01:09:15 -0700
>> hey,
>>      what's up?! hey, well... since we're all great friends by now and all
>> I thought I might give you this link... lol... its an ebay auction that my
>> friends doing. If you don't want to use the link below then you could find
>> it on ebay's pulse page. Last time I checked it was #* on there. It says
>> "**** *****..."blah-blah. Anyways... its cool that you're not going to sell
>> yourself short on your domain. I checked out Alexa and noted that people
>> that visit your site,, also visit, I wonder why? Could
>> there be a lot of cereal killers out there? Could it be the media that
>> emphasizes the two being one in the same? Oh, on the other side, could it be
>> peoples attempts at killingdeath? Could death be killed? lol!!!!! What's
>> funny is right as I'm writing this I'm creating a website for just that,
>>! lol... (right here is when I purchased the site. Writing
>> just now gave me the idea) Lets all do our part killingdeath! I thought
>> about it. Hey, all of this disease, starvation, etc... abuse,... ...if we
>> all joined together and started killingdeath then we wouldn't have death...
>> we'll still have kill though... kill is what will save us from the death...
>> kind of ironic, don't you think! lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways... I'm
>> guessing that'll make your site's value increase since you're a major part
>> to killingdeath (you're the kill:/). I'm either high right now, or just
>> plain stupid. Anyways, drugs are bad! don't do drugs:] 
>> oh, btw.. peace out playa'-
>> ps. I'll probably be the one that buys your domain in the future. Props on
>> that! LOL.
When I checked the auction, it was a "sell my body to the tattoo artists so I can be a walking billboard for the highest bidder" one, and almost up to $150. 83 bids and 5 days left. I don't think you really need my help advertising it.

The idea of killing death is hardly new. There's Piers Anthony's On A Pale Horse, the first of his Incarnations of Immortality series. By killing Death, you become Death.

And Jason Alexander played Death in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Imagine what would happen with, say, a tragic car accident where somebody was (eww, gross) decapitated. What sort of pain would they have to endure, unable to move, unable to talk, unable to breathe, and yet unable to die? Life stops being worth living without Death.

In a similar theme, there's a pair of stories by localroger on about a guy with the power of life over death, part one part two.

But if you can get past all the nasty downsides of eliminating Death from the universe (without, say, eliminating Life from the universe in the process), I'm sure you can make a tidy profit out of it. But don't be like the Underpants Gnomes:

Step Two is rather important, so I hope you've got a plan!

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>> Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2005 13:23:13 -0600
>> Subject: <no subject>
>> From: jp <email address removed>
>> To: <possum@ROAD.KILL.COM>
>> Well I was jk too he said I already spent too much this month on a new car
>> which is bullshit cause its not my fault I flipped it is it
You said it, not me.

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>> To: possum@ROAD.KILL.COM
>> From: Jp Stravinski <email address deleted>
>> Subject:
>> Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 23:21:16 -0600
>> so if u wont sell it for 10,000 us wat will u sell it for im jw and y  
>> dont u try to make money off of it
>> get back to me if u feel like it but i love looking at the stupid  
>> shit ppl will do for that domain.
>> thanks,
>> SGT eversmann 
For anybody reading this that predates the cellphone and instant messaging generation, "jw" is short for "just wondering". Everything else in there ought to be easy enough to translate... (Smtims i jst fl so OLD+out of it wn i try 2 rd phnspk, :-/)

>> Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 23:28:09 -0600
>> Subject: <no subject>
>> From: jp <email address deleted>
>> To: <>
>> Ok I read  some more ofyour site  so it would cost me 150,000  ok ethir im
>> gonna have to ask my dad or kill him and get that 40mill in the will hmm
OK, just for all y'all's information, I never have and never will advocate killing anybody. And especially not for personal gain. Not out loud anyway... :-p (OK, you got me, I'm just kidding, on that last part. ;-))

Playing games, getting rid of pests, and even a bit of fun-filled candy, THAT I can heartily endorse.

PS. Anybody wants to send me some of those candies is more than welcome to, they never did show up on store shelves around here and they went and discontinued it because parents without a sense of humour thought they were advocating violence against animals! Violence against gummy candy is more like it.

My mind may be more than warped enough as it is, but I managed to do that all by myself, thankyewverramuch. My choice of candy had NOTHING to do with it. :-p

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>> Date: Sun, 03 Jul 2005 06:38:01 -1000
>> From: <email address deleted>
>> To: <possum@ROAD.KILL.COM>
>> Subject: domain
>> Hi
>> I will offer you $5000. for
>> thanks
If I wouldn't sell for $9500, you'd only offer me $5000? GREAT math skills there, buddy! :-p

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The day after my last post this came in:

>> From: "Michael Kulikoff" <email address deleted>
>> To: <>
>> Subject: :]
>> Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 22:45:34 -0700
>> hey,
>>     I apologize about the phone call and all... trying to get the
>> password... but I didn't know it and wanted it:] I thought, "hey, sharing
>> is fun" ]. Well, anyways... I was calling you when I was sleeping so I
>> don't think laws no... ...anyways, what's odd... I don't go on
>> much websites online anymore... mostly I search the web on google and then
>> check my email... but, for a while I've been stopping by whenever 'kill'
>> pops into my mind. Interesting...
>> What are you doing to people? []
Let's count the stupidities here:

So whether it actually was you calling me back in February or not, writing to me about it now is, simply, stupid.

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I haven't had any complaints or kudos for a few days, it's almost back to normal! Ah, bliss.

But I figured I'd share a short story from earlier this year, it happened near the end of February.

Out of the blue, early on a Saturday night (well, being Canuckistan it was already dark out by 7:30, so I can get away with calling it "night") the phone rang. The Caller ID said Unknown Name and a long distance number, so figuring it's just another telemarketer I handed the phone off to my roommate for him to deal with. We were both watching a new movie recently released on DVD, "Nausicaa".

Unfortunately, it WAS for me. My roommate had this strange look on his face, because he's already been confused by the caller. "There's somebody on the phone saying there's a problem with your domain?"

So I'm puzzled. My domain's all paid up, and I've got all the correct information in whois. I get on the phone.

Some guy was claiming he was calling from my registrar, and told me he was concerned that somebody was trying to steal my domain. He's not being very clear on the phone, and I don't think English is his first language, but I can't place the accent.

He wants to "verify" my information with me over the phone. I'm relatively paranoid in the first place, but I am already concerned. There's no reason for me to believe he is who he says HE is, so I asked for some confirmation. I asked for him to email me from his email account at the registrar.

It arrives shortly, and I log in to work via the nifty Telnet application on my Hiptop (you Americans call it a "Sidekick"). There's something weird about the email, so I went upstairs to boot my computer. My Hiptop is cool and all, lets me do work from anywhere I can get cellphone reception, but it's too slow and awkward to do TOO much technical crap while also having a very confusing while also having a very confusing conversation with a stranger.

I'm getting frustrated because he won't answer any of MY questions. You've heard of social engineering, and I'm NOT a sucker.

But I AM willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Even though the email's Received: headers say the origin was NOT from the registrar, I replied anyway. The Reply-To: address was from my registrar, so MAYBE he was working from home.

I don't get a reply, and he says he hasn't gotten anything from me. I'm being VERY patient, despite that he's being extraordinarily confusing and unhelpful, blaming me for everything.

Finally I'm starting to raise my voice, almost half an hour later. I've inspected the email headers in detail by now, and tell him (relatively politely, considering that I'm pissed off) "I don't understand why somebody working for [my registrar] would email me from a machine in France." "I don't know what you're talking about." "Do you want me to tell you the IP address?"

A very short silence on the phone, and he just hung up.

I'd never said I worked at an ISP for ten years and was intimately knowledgable about email headers and "whois" data and so on, so I think I caught this scammer completely off guard. :-p

So, my domain is obviously worth enough to somebody for them to go to that much effort to try and steal it from me. Attempted theft! But no harm done, so I go back downstairs to finish watching my interrupted movie.

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>> From: "Michael Kulikoff" <email address deleted>
>> To:
>> <>
>> Subject:
>> Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 15:18:52 -0700
>> hey,
>>      I was looking over your domain name and was thinking... I would
>> purchase it right now if you could change it to fit my needs...
>> instead of
>> the domain reading,, would you be able to contact the
>> http://
>> administrator and change the domain so people would have to type,
>> killlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
>> to get to ?? If so then I'll buy it..Deal? ]
>> sincerely,
>> ignorance
Feel free to register any domain that YOU want to use, don't let ME stop you.

Somebody's already registered "" and "" though (the second one being an example of what they do to domains where they expect lots of tpyos [sic] but with fewer banner ads than average), so obviously they're just flying off the shelf, so to speak. Get yours now, don't delay, or it'll be too late! Don't be the LAST one on your block with a domain! ;-)

If having both domains will make mine worth enough money for you to own both, please do, go right ahead. It really is trivial to have both domains going to the same website. Try it now!

I'm sure there's one or two words in the English lanugage I've missed, but most ought to work just fine. :-p

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Fan mail #2?

>> From: <email address deleted>
>> Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 05:27:37 EDT
>> Subject: [applause]
>> To:
>> Dear possum,
>>     I am one of the many who typed in your domain to  simply see what would 
>> happen. Out of boredom, I continued to read the whole of  your main page. I 
>> would first like to reassure you that not all Americans are as  ignorant as the 
>> people who wrote the mail posted on your site. Secondly I  applaud your 
>> decision to not sell your domain for $9,000. It's your right as a  free citizen to do 
>> whatever the hell you want to do with your property. I  especially liked the 
>> quote "Democracy says you can stand on a soapbox in the  park and spout 
>> whatever message you want. But you have to bring your own  soapbox, and THIS is MY 
>> soapbox." I agree completely. "" is your place  to state your opinion, 
>> and if you don't need the money then you have no reason  to sell for any less 
>> than 6 figures.
>> Sincerely,
>> Rob
>> PS - None of the preceding was very important, but I feel it had to be  said. 
>> Also, it's 2 AM, and I have nothing else to do.
Thanks! I know there's plenty of smart Americans, but none of them are offering me bucketloads of cash. Oh well for me, I'll just get back on with my (mostly) uninterrupted life. ;-)

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Update 5:

>> Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2005 13:04:11 +0200
>> To:
>> From: <name and email address deleted>
>> Subject: A question about
>> Dear Mr. Boese,
There's a standard disclaimer you often see, verbatim, on emails. You'd think that with all this lawyer-speak they'd be a BIT more worried about copyright violations and actually have their lawyers draft a new one just for them?

Anyway, you'll find THIS one spread far and wide:

>> Confidentiality Statement:
>> This e-mail, including attachments, may include confidential and/or 
>> proprietary information, and may be used only by the person or entity to 
>> which it is addressed. If the reader of this e-mail is not the intended 
>> recipient or his or her authorized agent, the reader is hereby notified 
>> that any dissemination, distribution or copying of this e-mail is 
>> prohibited. If you have received this e-mail in error, please notify the 
>> sender by replying to this message and delete this e-mail immediately.  
You see them showing up on mailing lists too, because some company or other's lawyer has a policy that nobody is supposed to leak information that competitors or detractors or whoever might latch onto, to their detriment.

I just got one of these in the email the other day, so unlike the other rants and kudos that I've posted here, I won't be posting exactly what was sent in the email, or even who sent it. Of course since I didn't sign any kind of contract with them this is the legal equivalent of shrinkwrap licenses, and not legally enforceable in any way, shape or form. (Don't quote me on that, I am not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV. :-p) In any case, it's not worth my time or money to bother being annoyed by anybody else's lawyers, so I won't post the email here.

So just the basic gist of it, yet-another domain broker was checking out my domain, and told me that based solely on my raw monthly stats, he was certain he could find somebody willing to pay more than $9000. They've got a long list of buyers specifically interested in domains where people type them in just to see what happens.

Nope, sorry, still not interested. Show me the money, then maybe I'll think about it. Or else I'll just post your email here and laugh at you. :-p

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Fan mail?

>> Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2005 12:04:34 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: jay alford <email address deleted>
>> Subject: ha!
>> To:
>> just read over that last goober's e-mail.  how funny.  talking about how
>> much smarter we are down here in the lower 48, yet uses "your" in place
>> of "you're" and can't spell "opportunities".
>> awesome. way to be smart buddy.... ha. ha. ha.  oh well, don't sell the
>> site, but please continue to showcase people's ignorance, it gives me
>> such joy....  eh?

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Update 4:

>> Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 17:55:01 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: amber drum <email address deleted>
>> To:
>> Subject: kill
>> you are dead in the brain and the balls get use to it
How could I possibly argue with that kind of logic?

At least somebody is getting a bit of entertainment out of this.

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Update 3:

>> Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2005 17:05:44 -0700 (PDT)
>> From: zach east <email address deleted>
>> Subject: canada sucks.
>> To:
>> canada sucks dude, and your a moron for not selling a fucking website for
>> $9,000 dollars. And what do you have on it?! a title that says Roadkill and
>> like 100 pointless lines of nothing. you get alot of page views and you have
>> nothing to show!! you get so many viewers and you dont have a point.
>> I'd rather see a guy selling something then a guy doing nothing but wasting
>> 11,000 peoples time.
>> This is why canada is such a stupid country. People have opportunitys and
>> they dont take them...that is why canada will never be as rich, as educated,
>> or as powerful as the United States of America.
>> fucking canadian!
Nothin' says lovin' like an ad hominem attack. Ah, democracy!

Thank goodness for the internet, the world's biggest functioning democracy. Everybody's entitled to their opinion, and to voice it pretty much however they please. (Within the law, of course.)

Yup, Canada sucks. I certainly didn't say it didn't suck. Mad cows, cheap lumber, having to deal with more than two political parties, gay marriage, legal marijuana, Celsius and the whole gol'dang metric system, I could go on and on. We suck. I couldn't agree with you more on that point!

Nope, nothing to see here. Nothing at all... I'm just an old has-been anyway. So I don't have time any more to keep up with all that old gaming stuff like I used to, life isn't always fair. :-p

Democracy says you can stand on a soapbox in the park and spout whatever message you want. But you have to bring your own soapbox, and THIS is MY soapbox. Generally I don't have anything to say for all to hear, so I don't bother. You wanna read mundane details of people's lives, you go right on ahead.

And so I don't use my website for profit, so what? There's more to the internet than web sites, and I use my domain for the email to keep in touch with my friends.

My domain was appraised by professionals, and it's worth a hell of a lot more than $9,000. I just lucked out, man. As an analogy, if somebody offered you $100 for your brand new Buick, would you take it, or would you feel insulted?

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Update 2: Sigh. Irony is just lost on some people. To wit, an email from this weekend:

>> From: "Digital Photography" <email address removed>
>> To:
>> Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2005 18:13:05 -0500
>> Subject:
>> "Update: Even though it's NOT for sale, I've been offered USD$9000 for
>> my domain. C'mon, eh? I'm not parting with this thing for anything less
>> than a year or two's vacation from work. I DON'T need the money that
>> bad. :-p"
>> You dumb Canadian!!!
>> Nobody will ever give you six figures for a highly offensive domain with
>> extremly offensive connotations, and without any plausible commercial
>> application possibility.
>> Greed is ugly, "eh".
First of all, I do not want to sell my domain. More specifically, I want to not sell my domain. I've had this thing for more than a whole decade now (wow!).

But before I put up those notices, I was getting one or two queries a month, people wanting to give me $50-$250 for my domain. Just ain't worth my while, what with registrar fees, domain hosting, disk usage, bandwidth, etc. etc. etc. After putting my first notice up, those all stopped and life was good.

THEN people started trying to offer me $1000-$2500. I'm hardly hurting for cash, even if I haven't had a raise at this job for quite a few years. My lifestyle just doesn't need that much cash, sitting in the park reading is pretty cheap. :-p

And for whoever cares, that $9000 figure was from somebody who just wanted to have some banner-driven advertising site, and their price was based on just the raw 11,000+ unique visitors I get here every month. And since I don't do any kind of promotion for my little vanity domain, those hits are mostly just from people randomly surfing the web, typing in my domain, just to see what happens.

That's 11,000 eyeballs every month, guaranteed, and I'm not trying to make a buck off any of them, and I could care less. Greedy, me?

My nickname is "possum" (hardly one I'd have picked myself, but meh). So "" was just a vanity domain, and I got "" because "" was already taken. :-p

All the same, if somebody DID offer me USD$150,000, who would be MORE stupid? Them for offering it, or me for not just jumping at the chance? They say that everything has its price, and for this domain, that is mine. Is anybody ever going to bother? I really rather doubt it.

So it's got offensive connotations? If I wanted to run a snuff porn site, or some anti-Dubya anti-war site, or an animal rights "stop the killing" site, that's my business. I'm not, so it's a moot point really.

If you want a domain with offensive connotations, try Nice Tits.

<sarcasm>Those bastards, exploiting women, sexual degradement, blah, blah, blah.</sarcasm>

In short, get a life.

Thank you, I feel much better now.

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Update: Even though it's NOT for sale, I've been offered USD$9000 for my domain. C'mon, eh? I'm not parting with this thing for anything less than a year or two's vacation from work. I DON'T need the money that bad. :-p

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For my old DOS-based Columns game, go here.

Deathmatch game: Running around a maze shooting anything that moves, and ducking a lot.

Roadkill: Little dead splatters.

So when I named my site "Road.Kill.Com", it was a play on words. Get it?

Brought to you in part by St. Catharines Idol